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The Purchase of Equipment to Start a GSM Termination Business
How to start your business in the VoIP termination market? The first thing you need is to purchase specialized equipment - GSM gateways, which convert a VoIP signal to GSM format. The more gateways you install, the more channels will be in operation. The number of channels, in turn, depends on the earnings of the terminator.

For starters, you can use one gateway, for example, that has 8 channels. This means that 8 SIM-cards can simultaneously work in one device to terminate international calls, with special slots provided for them. If you are going to open a larger business, you can buy several multi-channel gateways. In the future, as your business expands, you will be able to purchase devices that are equipped with 1, 4, 8, 16, 32 channels, depending on your current needs.

The most popular equipment for terminating traffic is the Chinese GoIP GSM gateways. This is a budget equipment, the functionality of which allows you to successfully terminate calls. An alternative is China Skyline & Ejoin Tech devices. This is more functional equipment, which can simultaneously perform the role of both the gateway and the SIM-bank. The gateways provide additional slots for storing SIM-cards.

SIM-bank Functions

Why do you need a SIM-bank? It is necessary for the integrated storage of SIM-cards used for termination, as well as for remote control of gateways. Such devices are designed for a large number of cards - 32, 128, 256. Using special software, the SIM-bank connects to the GSM gateway and transmits data. You can place gateways in a specific country and remotely control them from any corner of the globe by connecting a voip router for a stable Internet connection and using a SIM server.

Placing the equipment

GSM termination is actively monitored by cellular operators in the country where calls are terminated as they lose their earnings due to the activity of terminators. In addition, in many countries this business is illegal. The location of the gateways is easy enough to determine by an amplified signal. Therefore, it is recommended to place GSM gateways at a distance from your permanent location.

If you have multiple gateways, you can install them at a sufficient distance from each other, for example, in different parts of the city, or even in different cities of the country. It is good if large flows of people are constantly concentrated in the building where the equipment will be placed. The ideal option is a large business center. Then it will be difficult to track the GSM gateway. SIM-bank can be near you, and during the termination, you can control the gateways remotely.

Remember that for stable operation of the equipment it is important to regularly update the firmware. The terminator's earnings directly depend on the timely update of the goip 8 firmware.
Do you want to start a GSM termination business? We offer you a turnkey solution for beginners - a comprehensive package that includes the tools to protect the SIM-cards from blocking, equipment produced by GoIP, as well as a handy software to computerize the operation.