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VoIP termination is a profitable business for converting VoIP signal into GSM.
This is done by means of VoIP-GSM gateway with Simbox and customer traffic.
It works really simple.
GoAntiFraud presentation
GoAntiFraud service feautures for work in the
VoIP Termination
Completely operational and proven techniques to improve your VoIP GSM termination
Extend the lifetime of your SIM-cards:
Complete set of tools to protect against SIM-lock.
Simulation of human behaviour:
Simulation of human behaviour: Imitation of SIM-card movement, generation of incoming calls, time slots to activate SIM-cards.

Computerized SIM-card operation:
Generation of SMS and USSD requests for automatic top ups and tariff checks.

Special modules to increase your income:
  • SBO Traffic Optimization. Due to competent data optimization, algorithm can significantly reduce the size of the packages, without compressing voice data The principle of the module operation is similar is similar to the SBO VoIP traffic optimization. In our case, the software module reduces the traffic consumption up to 3 times without sacrificing quality of communication.
    The function will be useful for users in regions with low network bandwidth and high cost of Internet services. The module will save on payment if the provider charges the Internet traffic in terms of MB consumption.
  • SIM-cards Unload Protection. The software module ensures uninterrupted operation of channels and allows not offload cards when communication between the gateway and the user's SIM-bank is interrupted. The software simulates the presence of SIM-cards in the gateway and keeps channels active up to 6 hours *. The function will be useful in regions with poor Internet connection and allow using SIM-banks in an unstable network. * The duration of autonomous operation of cards depends on the frequency of sending SIM-card authorization packages and may vary according to the GSM-operator.
  • Call Recording. The software module allows storing and listening to calls made via the user's SIM-card. The function will be useful for monitoring the traffic provided by the originator. Listening to records made over the specified period allows quickly analyzing the causes of troubles to ACD and ASR in channels and directly ensures what the quality of the provided communication is. * Call Records are stored on the server for 24 hours and updated every day.
  • Detect IVR. The "Detect IVR" module allows reducing the number of short calls and improve ACD statistics. Operator's voice messages can mislead the subscribers, which negatively affects the quality of termination. Using Detect IVR, you can prevent this problem. The software module is configured for each specific IVR. Technical support specialists create a template using call records with IVR as examples. Call records should be provided by the client, or he should indicate the cards and the time of the call with the desired voice message. The program compares the sound during a call with an existing record and, when the sound coincides, takes certain action in accordance with the client's choice (blocks the card, highlights it in a specific color, automatically tops up, etc.). The "Detect IVR" module will help you significantly save your time. You have an opportunity to order 2 IVR's, in case the operator changes the voice message (for example, a female recorded voice may be replaced with a male recorded voice). Then you can use the second IVR module included in the start package Ultimate, at no additional cost. The cost of one IVR detector is $100 for 30 days.
    The cost of two IVR detectors is $200 for 30 days.
    You can order any quantity of IVR detectors. If the voice or tone in the IVR change, we can reconfigure the module for an unlimited number of times. The main thing is that it has to be the same voice message (the same text voiced by the same voice is playbacked). If you need to configure the second IVR instead of the originally configured one, then once a month you can change the IVR for FREE.
Starting a New business
What do you need to start your own GSM Call termination business?
Choose a reliable equipment (GSM Gateway, Sim Box) for termination.
We offer affordable and easy-to-manage GoIP gateways and SIM banks for VoIP business solutions. We work directly with the supplier, carry out deliveries, connect and configure the entire system. In addition, thanks to our service, you will get VoIP GSM gateways with advanced functionality, but at an affordable price.
Software solutions
The Anti-Fraud system and SIM blocking are factors that negatively affect the profitability of the GSM termination business. They block your SIM cards and increase the cost of terminated calls. To reduce costs, many terminators resort to various tricks, such as moving equipment from one place to another, simulating human movement, or generating a stream of incoming calls manually, which is inconvenient and expensive.
Our service combines all the functions of protection against AntiFraud, thanks to an automated system that takes into account the parameters of human behavior, and allows your business to extend the life of SIM cards and save on buying new ones.
The security logic is fully configured under the guidance of our managers and adapts to the specifics of the country in which the GSM terminator operates using voip business solutions.
SIM cards
Buy SIM-cards. To convert VoIP calls to GSM networks you will need SIM cards. Their amount depends on the number of channels that you will use for termination.
Internet and other expenses
For termination, you need a high-quality and proven route at a speed of 5 MB/s. However, to ensure the independent and smooth operation of the entire system, you will have to pay more due to the poor quality of the Internet. When terminating VoIP GSM traffic, the costs can be daunting, so we are connecting the SBO traffic optimization module, which will help your system reduce Internet traffic consumption by 3 times.
Select a traffic provider. At this stage, there are often failures due to poor call quality, delays in payment, or lower prices. Your success and increased profits are important to us, so we will advise you on traffic partners with a reliable reputation that successfully cooperate with our other customers using VoIP business solutions.
All in one solution
We offer a complete NewBusiness package that includes a set of necessary VoIP equipment and software for automation of business processes and proven tools to protect against AntiFraud systems. All you need is only internet, power supply and Sim cards

About Us
It is no secret that entrepreneurs who appear on the GSM termination market are interested in making money as soon as possible with a minimum of effort. However, lack of experience, lack of investment, and the Anti-Fraud system stop many of them.
For more than eight years, we have been studying the market and the difficulties faced by terminators engaged in the VoIP business. We have actively collaborated and helped more than two thousand of our customers, solved their small problems that arise in the process of running a VoIP business, and constantly improved our service to develop an effective business model that will allow you to earn $2000 in the second month of running a small VoIP business.
    More about GSM Termination
    Start your GSM termination business
    Ready-made NewBusiness solutions for beginners.
    We offer you opening a "turnkey" business, therefore our packages offers include everything you need for starting up: a set of equipment, software for work automation and convenient tools to bypass AntiFraud.
    Start Up
    • Up to 64 channels
    • Online support 24/7
    • Individual business set up
    • 2x GoIP 8 Gateways
      GoIP SIM Bank for 32 Cards
    • Corporate license for 3 month
    • Personal support
    • SBO Traffic Optimization
    • SIM-cards Unload Protection
    • Call recording
    • Up to 128 channels
    • Online support 24/7
    • Individual business set up
    • 4x GoIP 8 Gateways
      GoIP SIM Bank for 128 Cards
    • Corporate license for 3 month
    • Personal support
    • SBO Traffic Optimization
    • SIM-cards Unload Protection
    • Call recording
    • 1 x IVR
    DeLuxe Plus
    • Up to 192 channels
    • Online support 24/7
    • Individual business set up
    • 6x GoIP 8 Gateways
      2x GoIP SIM Bank For 32 Cards
      GoIP SIM Bank For 128 Cards
    • Corporate license for 3 month
    • Personal support
    • SBO Traffic Optimization
    • SIM-cards Unload Protection
    • Call recording
    • 1 x IVR
    • Up to 256 channels
    • Online support 24/7
    • Individual business set up
    • 8x GoIP 8 Gateways
      2x GoIP SIM Bank for 128 Cards
    • Corporate license for 3 month
    • Personal support
    • SBO Traffic Optimization
    • SIM-cards Unload Protection
    • Call recording
    • 2 x IVR
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