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The GSM Termination Business. Important Aspects
Buying the VoIP-equipment and connecting it to the server is only half the battle in organizing the GSM termination business. The successful call landing and making money involve the protection of the SIM-cards from the lock and trustworthy originators. In addition, it is worth considering some nuances, which at first glance may not seem so important. The terminator will provide a more efficient wholesale voip termination if he takes care of these aspects of the business beforehand.

Where to place the equipment?

The security of the terminator's business depends on the choice of location for the GSM gateways. It is recommended to use the SIM-bank and SIM-server to eliminate the need for direct access to the equipment. It is important to place gateways in multiple locations at a significant distance from each other. It would ideal to set the devices in different cities or in several districts of the city. It is best to give preference to places with a large influx of people - for example, large business centers. Thanks to these measures, GSM gateways and SIM-cards will be more difficult to detect and block.

Using a personal VPN-server

To protect your business, we recommend using the VPN-personal server to install internet connections between gateways. The fact is that many Internet providers are also GSM mobile operators. They can monitor traffic and block it if they suspect that calls are terminated.

Choosing a tariff plan for SIM-cards

Your income depends on the amount of the terminated wholesale voip minutes. However, apart from this, the cost of the call at local rates, which you use to land calls, impacts the profit. The lower the tariffs are, the better off the terminator is. You should study the options of tariff plans and choose the most attractive one in terms of GSM termination. There are starter packages, providing a certain number of bonus minutes to make calls free of charge.

Using these tips on the business organization, you will have more chances to become a successful terminator who makes good money.

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