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GSM Termination for "Dummies": Getting Started
GSM termination is a modern line of telecommunications business that is available to everyone. The initial capital necessary to start a start-up is minimal while the invested money will pay off very quickly. If you decide to invest in the business, you should take initial steps.

We have prepared a useful list for beginners in the field of VoIP GSM termination. It lists the first steps a beginner should take for a successful start of business.

  • Buy VoIP equipment. To start making money on terminating traffic, you first need to purchase specialized equipment. First of all, you need a GSM gateway. The best option is the GoIP equipment, which you can buy here at the best price. For safe operation and convenient storage of a large number of SIM-cards, you will also need a SIM-bank.
  • Choose the direction to terminate calls. In half of the cases, the chosen direction primarily affects the profit of the terminator. This refers to the country in which the final termination of calls will be made. In the voice termination business, the African states are popular as destinations. Balkan, Latin American and post-Soviet countries are also considered profitable routes. Many of these countries have a high rate, which is the price per minute of the call, you pay the transit operator. At low rates for local communication, you can earn the most. At the same time, in countries with high rates, anti-fraud systems work hard, which block cards when termination is detected.
  • Prepare a location to place gateways. A location can be a rented apartment or a kiosk, where electricity is connected. There can be several locations for placing several sets of equipment. There you will place your GSM gateways. Choose a crowded place as a location, where phone calls are constantly made. For example, in a business center, in a train station or airport, in a shopping center, in a densely populated dormitory suburb, etc.
  • Purchase as many SIM-cards as possible. The number of SIM-cards depends on the number of channels involved in the work. At the same time, for the first time, you need to have a "stock". It is better to prepare a minimum of 10 SIM-cards for each channel in advance. For a regular purchase of a large number of SIM-cards, you will need a constant "source" of starter packages. You can do it on your own but it will take a lot of time. You can contact the dealers who sell SIM-cards. They can be found on the Internet: on thematic forums or in social networks. Buy SIM-cards in small lots from different dealers.
  • Connect a stable Internet. To avoid interference with telephone conversations and minimize the number of failed calls, it is important to connect a stable Internet. The minimum speed is 42 Kbps per channel of equipment. Ping and packet loss should be minimal. Note that 3G Internet can hardly be used for terminating calls since such an Internet connection is not stable.
  • Build an efficient termination logic. Your SIM-cards should constantly call to terminate traffic. It is important that they call "correctly", that is, without causing suspicion to GSM operators. In order not to fall into the field of view of antifraud systems, it is necessary to build a certain "logic" for the behavior of SIM-cards, in accordance with the parameters of "humanity." Simply put, your cards should "behave" as if real people are calling, not gateways. It is important to provide pauses between calls, simulate travel around the city, generate incoming calls, perform USSD-requests, etc. In addition, you need to take into account the peculiarities of the region where you work. It is impossible to do on your own as you need a professional software developed by GoAntiFraud.
  • Find a transit operator to receive traffic. The client of the terminator is the originator company. It provides traffic (minutes) for the final termination and pays the owner of the gateway a certain amount for each minute of the call. You can find a transit operator yourself but there is no certainty that it will prove to be a respectable partner. Nobody gives guarantees in this business. GoAntiFraud will help you find a reliable traffic provider. We have proven partners with whom we have been working for many years.
You should take only 7 steps to have your business running and get a stable and solid income. To avoid walking this path alone, join numerous GoAntiFraud clients. We will help you at every stage of starting your business!

Do you want to start a GSM termination business? We offer you a turnkey solution for beginners - a comprehensive package that includes the tools to protect the SIM-cards from blocking, equipment produced by GoIP, as well as a handy software to computerize the operation.